This evening, Congressman Jim Bridenstine voted for HR 4909, the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The annual defense authorization bill establishes both funding levels for the military and Department of Defense policy.   Congress has passed NDAA for 53 years in a row. 

Congressman Bridenstine recently introduced HR 4945, the American Space Renaissance Act (ASRA), groundbreaking legislation to enact bold reforms across military, civil, and commercial space sectors.  Congressman Bridenstine worked to have 10 specific provisions for ASRA included in NDAA including the following: 

  • Establishing a pilot program for the Air Force to buy, test, and evaluate commercial weather data.  Utilizing data provided by innovative private sector weather companies can lower costs to taxpayers, produce better weather products for the warfighter, and complicate the targeting solutions of our enemies by distributing space architectures.
  • Redirecting funding to jump start a pilot program to test next-generation satellite communications (SATCOM) technologies.  Private sector SATCOM companies are offering leap-ahead capacity for commercial customers.  The Department of Defense should take advantage of this through a pilot program.
  • Modifies SATCOM Analysis of Alternatives to ensure accurate cost estimates and full consideration of commercial SATCOM technologies.

PDF Chart: ASRA – National Security Provisions Adopted in FY17 National Defense Authorization Act