Project military strength and
protect our space based capabilities


Promote stability, accountability, and mission clarity at NASA


Provide certainty to encourage commercial space innovation


Breakthrough space technologies have improved the human condition by transforming the way we communicate, navigate, produce food and energy, conduct banking, predict weather, perform disaster relief, provide security, and so much more.  These benefits for all of humanity can be directly tied to the leadership of the United States of America in exploring and commercializing space.

Unfortunately, the continued benefits from space technology maturation and increased space access are no longer assured.  Space is becoming more congested, contested, and competitive.  The enemies of the United States have identified space as a vulnerability, which has proven to be provocative.  We must establish responsible governance that will prevent mishaps, misperceptions, and mistrust, while assuring the use of space for all responsible parties.  We must be able to deter attacks, defend government and commercial assets, and defeat threats when necessary.

As a military pilot, I can attest that our national security and our way of life require both military and commercial space capabilities.  Our space architectures must be resilient and our national security terrestrial systems must be interoperable with both military and commercial space systems.

As the United States works to ensure space security, commercial enterprise will continue to capitalize and produce generational leaps in space technology that benefit humanity and reduce government costs.  The American regulatory framework must minimize regulatory burden, while maximizing regulatory certainty.  The United States civil and defense space enterprises must not compete with the private sector, but rather enable domestic commercial launch and space system development.  When space exploration and development are in the national interest, but the risks are too high for commercial enterprise, our civil agencies, like NASA and NOAA, must lead with a purpose to retire risk and commercialize programs.

The mission of  the American Space Renaissance Act is to permanently secure the United States of America as the preeminent spacefaring nation.

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